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Grâce à de forts engagements des secteurs public et privé envers les industries du capital privé et du capital de risque, Montréal est également en pleine redéfinition comme centre international de l’entrepreneuriat et des activités d’investissement. Le capital entrepreneurial canadien favorise un environnement fertile pour la création d’occasions en tirant profit de l’expertise industrielle traditionnelle, de l’accès au capital et de réseaux personnels étendus afin de se tailler une place de meneuse internationale tant pour ses entrepreneurs que pour ses investisseurs. Les initiatives organisées à Montréal la même semaine que le colloque annuel de CVCA, comme l’événement C2MTL commandité par le Cirque du Soleil et Sid Lee, Demo Day de FounderFuel et AccelerateMTL de C100, témoignent de l’engagement envers le potentiel local et le rendement récemment obtenu.


With strong public and private sector commitments to both the VC and PE industries, Montreal is also in the midst of redefining itself as a global hub for entrepreneurship and investment activities. Canada’s entrepreneurial capital is fostering an environment that is conducive to creating opportunities by leveraging traditional industry expertise, access to capital and extended personal networks to carve out a global leadership position for both its entrepreneurs and investors. Initiatives being held in Montreal the same week as the CVCA Annual conference, such as the Cirque du Soleil and Sid Lee sponsored C2MTL event, the FounderFuel Demo Day and C100 AccelerateMTL events, are testament to the commitment of our local potential and recent performance.

The last few weeks have certainly proven to be extremely promising for Canadian Tech Entrepreneurs. Almost $80M of equity financing has recently been secured from some of the top investors in the world to help build our next generation of massive tech companies. It’s even more exciting when you realize that these funds are going […]

We (iNovia Capital) invested in Gamerizon for a number of reasons, and among them, one stands out: we believe that Alex, Martin, Robert & the team already have the ingredients required to build a very large Company. And by very large, I mean to grow to + $100M in annualized revenues within a reasonable short […]

This morning I was browsing nextMontreal news and reviewed the most recent presentation from Tara Hunt:  So you want to do a startup, eh?  And for those who don’t know Tara, well she is pretty outspoken, and she often says out loud what other say tend to only share behind closed doors. I admire that, right or […]

Startup Visa Canada “We believe startups to be the driving force behind job creation and prosperity,” says [CVCA’s] executive director Richard Rémillard. “We need to be more attractive to foreign entrepreneurs.”    Thanks for supporting the Startup Visa Canada Initiative. It’s been about 5 months since we launched. During that time, the team has been busy reaching out […]

Canadian investors push for a Startup Visa to compete with aggressive new policies in other parts of the world  Curated content: First written for the Summer 2011 edition of the Private Capital Prive Magazine   No entrepreneur wants to start a business if he runs the risk of being expelled from thevery country in which it has been launched. […]