Gamerizon Thinks Big, and Acts Big! Chop Chop


We (iNovia Capital) invested in Gamerizon for a number of reasons, and among them, one stands out: we believe that Alex, Martin, Robert & the team already have the ingredients required to build a very large Company. And by very large, I mean to grow to + $100M in annualized revenues within a reasonable short period of time, and not fall into the trap of an early sale of the Company to a major Media conglomerate. At least, this is our premise as of today!

The team’s deep understanding of crucial game mechanics, and the fact that they have built into the company’s DNA a fundamental understanding of mobile and social interaction, makes us believe Gamerizon will outperform most of the game studios out there today. The Chop Chop franchise already show great traction, they own some key proprietary technology, have tons of industry knowledge, and they presented us with an impressive plan for growth.

The team is doing all the right things as a start up. Self-funded until they hit tangible milestones, got over 15 million downloads of their product to prove traction, built an amazing team and early-on opened up to a few key potential investors.

I also think we have the best co-investor for this Company. Who better than Vanedge Capital to help guide an A team that wants to build the next PacMan, the next Zynga? Vanedge! We

are really looking forward working along side Paul Lee (ex-President of Electronic Arts, and Glenn Entis (ex-President of Dreamworks Interactive), helping Gamerizon rise to the top.

Congrats guys, you are off to an awesome start!

Check out Gamerizon site:

And most importantly, download chop chop on the AppStore!

Press releases :
English :
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