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First Published for Private Capital magazine 2013-05-20 Crowdfunding will likely be one of the top trending search words on Google this year – as well as within the Venture Capital Community. It’s somewhat easy to understand the buzz around crowdfunding when reading about crazy-successful campaigns such as the $10M raise by Canadian-founded Pebble Technology, the $8.5M […]

Private equity and venture capital can provide exactly what investors are looking for today: strong returns and companies that will take a leadership position in an increasingly competitive global economy. This is the opportunity to create new companies and transform existing ones. Active management by highly skilled private investors is the secret sauce. These investors jump right into their portfolio companies, working alongside management to truly transform these businesses. How do they do it? The 2012 CVCA Annual Conference will show you!

Cette chimie est comme le facteur inconnu, x, que nous cherchons chez les entrepreneurs que nous appuyons, chez les coinvestisseurs avec lesquels nous collaborons ainsi que chez les partenaires de l’industrie auxquels nous nous fions. La chimie est ce qui fait qu’une relation fonctionne. J’ai déjà cru qu’il fallait surtout trouver la bonne occasion au bon moment, et que les choses iraient pour le mieux dans ces circonstances. Puis j’ai compris que cela n’était vrai que si on trouvait aussi une bonne chimie, qui permet à chaque partie de comprendre l’autre, qui permet aux gens de se compléter et de faire confiance à ce qui est parfois invisible.

Chemistry is like that unknown x-factor we seek in the entrepreneurs we back, our co-investors we work with, as well as our close industry collaborators we lean on. Chemistry is what makes a relationship work. I used to believe that it was all about finding the right opportunity at the right time, and that things would pan out for the best if that was the case. Then I realized that this was only true when the right level of chemistry already existed that allowed each party to understand each other, to complement each other and to trust what is not always obvious to the eye.

Voici ma courte réponse à NextMontréal qui m’a demandé mes prévisions pour Montréal en 2012. Je suis de l’avis que l’année 2012 sera de loin la meilleure pour Montréal. Plusieurs facteurs de succès clés seront mis en place pour contribuer au développement d’un écosystème pour les entreprises en démarrage plus solides, basés ici, dans la région de Montréal. L’ADN de l’entreprenariat à Montréal se répand, et pas seulement à quelques heureux élus. Je m’attends à voir une hausse du nombre de nouvelles entreprises en démarrage ainsi que l’émergence de nouveaux entrepreneurs et d’entrepreneurs (enfin) récurrents. Ce nouvel élan est dû en partie à des initiatives telles que le Festival international du Startup, le C100, la Maison Notman, AccelerateMTL, FounderFuel, CIX, une hausse du capital-risque disponible à Montréal et aussi parce que les médias commencent à s’intéresser aux entreprises en démarrage et accordent une plus grande visibilité à nos entreprises en démarrage dans le domaine de la technologie.

Below is my short response to the nextMontreal request for “2012 Predictions for Montreal“. I think 2012 is Montreal best year yet, because many key success factors will further be put in place to help build a stronger tech and startup ecosystem here. Montreal’s entrepreneurial DNA is spreading to more than just the few. And I expect to see an increase in the number of new startups being launched and the emergence of new as well as (finally) recurring entrepreneurs. This new momentum is due in part to initiatives such as: StartupFest, C100, Notman House, AccelerateMTL, FounderFuel, CIX, more venture capital funding flowing into Montreal, and because mass media is now taking notice and has started providing more visibility to our tech startups.

iNovia Fund III


In the same vein as what we tell our companies, we don’t see this funding announcement as an affirmation of our past success, but rather an opportunity to prove what we are really capable of accomplishing. Like any growing company, we are improving over time. There are natural “flywheel” effects in venture capital, which we are leveraging as our network keeps getting stronger. We have a growing number of successful existing investments. Failures continue to teach us. We have come a long way since 2002, and look forward to working with a new group of entrepreneurs in iNovia III to see what we can accomplish next. In the meantime, we want to thank the entrepreneurs who have chosen to work with us and our investors that believe in our team and vision.