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The Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec and the Fonds de solidarité each contributed $250 million and Investissement Québec contributed $200 million to Teralys Capital, all as part of the Fund’s first closing. Mr. Bernier expect to raise an additional $125 million from other institutional and private investors, bringing the first fund size up to $825 million.


Good times lay ahead, and yes those times they are changing, great entrepreneurs and great VC’s alike are building the next generation of tech companies and venture capital funds, new approaches, new models… I feel we are at the cross roads of yet another evolution!

Even though we still haven’t resolved the fundamental issue of having private capital flow to entrepreneurs with high growth businesses via more LP commitments towards privately managed venture capital funds, I was pleased to read about the initiatives, the interest and comments from the various players of our ecosystem. The level of comments I received (online and directly via email) from my recent post about the indirect benefits of the recent Quebec government commitments towards venture capital (first posted on Montreal Tech Watch) $5 billion to end up in the hands of Canadian entrepreneurs, nothing less! told me one thing: Yes, people care, people want change, people are showing leadership, support and interest. I’m not saying that everybody agreed with what they understood was going on and how the challenges are being addressed, many had their own views on the Canadian funding issues and had very different opinions, and that’s a good thing, I respect that, as long as those who are voicing their opinions can show leadership by causing action and are participating in the debate by building our industry, not purposely demolishing it.

High profile speakers include Thomas Barrack, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Colony Capital, LLC, Tim Draper, Founder and Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Leo de Bever, Chief Executive Officer of Alberta Investment Management Corp. Marc Beauchamp, President & Managing Partner at NOVACAP, Michael Nobrega, President and CEO of OMERS and Mark Wiseman, Senior Vice President, Private Investments, Canada Pension Plan Investment.

étude sur la contribution du capital de risque à l’économie canadienne commanditée par l’ACCR et la BDC.

I feel confident that the recent Quebec initiatives (link to budget) will ignite a flurry of positive impacts that will solidify Quebec’s entrepreneurship foundation, and that we will see numerous successful companies be launched, existing companies be financed which otherwise would not exist or would not be able to further their development because of today’s economic downturn, yet many of these companies will prove to become tomorrow’s industry leaders.