Cooling the Future of electronics with liquid – iNovia’s most recent investment – CoolIT Systems


We (iNovia Capital)  just now announced our most recent investment in a Calgary based Liquid Cooling technology company – CoolIT Systems.

 This is yet another great example about what a great management can do when brought together under the right circumstances. I my mind, Management is the utmost critical success factor for any early stage company. CoolIT’s co-founders Jason Myers, Brydon Gierl & Sandy Scott –  built a really nice company from scratch with a nice story/mission: To change the world by addressing the electronic performance market via advanced liquid cooling, not just for super computers, but going right down to mobile electronic devices as well as graphic card GPUs. Not an easy task! Yet, when we starting working with the founders, their team and angel investors, we quickly realized how sharp these guys are.

 Jason didn’t hesitate when building up the team around its founders, and quickly brought in as its CEO Geoff Lyon (ex-VP Sales & Marketing Harmony Remote), joined by John McDaniel and Doug Reid. This team knows what it takes to success, especially when going after the market gorillas such as HP, AMD and Dell.


Check out CES 2009 interview with Geoff Lyon (full screen video link)

CES 2009: CoolIT Sealed Water Cooling Unit

CPU running a bit too hot? Air cooling not working but you’re scared of using a water cooled unit? This baby is sealed tight!

 For more info you can also take a peek at their web site at I’ve also attached a copy of the press release below.







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